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Mr. JW Curtis
"The Great White Shark"  

Mr JW Curtis is the Chairman of the Board of Directors , Chief Executive Officer , President , Founder and Owner of Deystarr Unlimited and its subsidiaries, DeyJay Fashions , IndyGirlWorld Worldwide , and Untouchable Media and Event Services.

Mr. JW Curtis grew up on a farm in Waco, TX where like any poor family he learned the value of hard work and responsibility at a very young age by doing heavy farm work and construction. He was raised by his Mother, Grandfather (Reverend S.W. Curtis); a prominent United Methodist Minister, and by his dear sweet Aunt Lois. 

Mr. Curtis is a visionary and has always been outside of the proverbial "box"; while in school he would challenge the establishment and always ask the tough questions to his "superiors" but instead of answering his questions or making things right; the faculty often sent him to the principle's office. This only motivated Mr. Curtis to become the person he is today.  In Mr. Curtis' junior year of high school he founded the national empowerment organization, P.R.I.D.E. (People Realizing Ignorance Destroys Education) which is still in existence around the country to this day.

     That motivation helped uplift him to graduating from The University of Texas at El Paso with Honors 1n 1996 while creating, implementing, and executing the very firstUTEP Miner Town and created the more cutting edge UTEP Mascot and Logo Design which both are still in existence to this day. In addition, Mr. Curtis was All Western Athletic Conference and an All-American. That motivation ultimately lead to a great opportunity in professional football.

     According to statistics by white America, "Mr. Curtis should be in prison with 15 babies by 10 different baby-mamas."  Well, Mr. Curtis has yet again proved society wrong because he only has one child; a beautiful baby-girl name Katia, who unfortunately was kidnapped by her mother, Tessa Curtis.  The point here is that; "If I can find the strength to do my job everyday while looking for my kidnapped eight year old daughter with special needs, I know that everyone else can do their damn job."  And no, Mr. Curtis has never been to prison!

In 2003, Mr. Curtis was tired of working for insecure white boys who put a glass ceiling over his head, and decided to start his own business without any bank loans, investors, nor any type of help from so-called friends and family.  Mr. Curtis did it the hard way, one dollar and one day at a time without the help of investors, family, loans and lines of credit.  That same year he not only started one business but three! Mr. Curtis founded KWorks International, The Katia Curtis Foundation, and KWorks Unlimited. In 2007, Mr. Curtis merged all three together and renamed the company DeyStarr Unlimited after what he proclaims as his savior, the love of his life Deyanira. DeyStarr is the vehicle for Mr. Curtis' vision for what society should be; a society with class and honesty.  

In addition to being a husband, father, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Mr. Curtis is an actor and producer of Film and television.  Mr. Curtis has had speaking roles for Generation Y for ABC, The Innocence Saga: Right Here Waiting, Friday Night Lights for NBC, When Angels Sing for The Hallmark Channel, The Lying Game for ABC Family, Revolution for NBC, and American Crime for ABC. Mr. Curtis has also starred in national commercial campaigns for PBS, TEA, Russell Athletic, and Gouldtouch.

Mr. Curtis is a confident, passionate, hard worker who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go get it.  Many people are intimidated by the fact that Mr. Curtis is confident and speaks his mind, but the world lacks the honesty and integrity that Mr. Curtis has. While some use the fact that white America does everything to hinder the success of strong, educated, intelligent black men as an excuse for failure; Mr. Curtis uses it as motivation. "I am not going to waste my time trying to prove my self worth to a racist society nor will I waste time trying to explain to judgmental idiots on my past mistakes that are trying to set me up for failure; I am here to kick them in the teeth and do things MY WAY!" "For everyone who as ever judged me, for everyone who has ever doubted me, and for anyone that I have ever offended, I have two words for you, F#@% Y&#!"