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Mission Statement:
DeyStarr Unlimited Inc., we educate, empower, and entertain while making a positive impact throughout the world. 

DeyStarr Unlimited Inc. (DeyStarr), founded in 2003,  is a faith-based multimedia and management consultant corporation, and a family-owned business corporations whose mission is to educate, empower, and entertain people and business entities while making a positive impact all throughout the world.  

In 2007 the Chairman of the Board of Directors, J.W. Curtis, renamed and merged KWorks International and all of its  subsidiaries, The Katia Curtis Foundation and KWorks Unlimited Inc. into DeyStarr Unlimited Inc.; as a show of love, appreciation and respect for his wife, Chief Operations Officer, Mrs.Dey Escamilla Curtis. The "Dey" stands for Dey Escamilla Curtis,  "Starr" for the brightest star in the heavens, and "Unlimited" meaning unlimited possibilities. 

We here at DeyStarr pride ourselves on providing real expansive solutions for all types of people, demographics and business entities. In other words. WE DO IT ALL!

Here at DeyStarr, we are not afraid to think outside of the proverbial "box", taking true chances and risks, and forcing the issue while exemplifying true class and community service. DeyStarr, its employees, clients, and partners exemplify true class at all times while making this world a better place.  

Deystarr truly believes and implements equal opportunity not only for our employees but also who we do business with through multiculturalism and the acceptance and enhancement of companies and individuals from all walks of life.