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The "Dey" In Deystarr

In 2007 the Chairman of the Board of Directors, J.W. Curtis, renamed and merged KWorks International and all of its  subsidiaries, The Katia Curtis Foundation and KWorks Unlimited Inc. into DeyStarr Unlimited Inc.; as a show of love, appreciation and respect for his wife, Chief Operations Officer, Mrs.Dey Escamilla Curtis. The "Dey" stands for Dey Escamilla Curtis,  "Starr" for the brightest star in the heavens, and "Unlimited" meaning unlimited possibilities.  Dey Escamilla Curtis was born in McAllen, TX and grew up in San Juan, TX.

Dey Curtis is the Vice Chairperson, Chief Operations, and Senior Executive Vice President for Deystarr Unlimited and its subsidiaries, DeyJay Fashions, IndyGirlWorld, and Untouchable Media & Talent Services.  Dey Curtis also is the President of DeyJay Fashions.

"Deyanira, from day one, no one has stood behind me and showed me what true love is and well as the meaning to what a true life is. Dey, you are the only real superstar I have ever known and I have had the honor of calling a true soul-mate, best friend, partner, and queen."

"It is an honor to have a real woman of God to name a company after and a cause that I truly believe in."

I love you,