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The Naked Truth Presented by the Deystarr Radio Network

The Naked Truth
Hosted By Karrilee Neal
Real advice for real people.

Live from the OKC Studios of Deystarr Unlimited, The Naked Truth presented by the Deystarr Radio Network is once again at the forefront of innovation and vision The Naked Truth is a fresh new approach to getting message out to the people.  The Naked Truth is an unscripted, unedited radio broadcast aimed at telling the people the real truth about love, relationships, sex, and dealing with "HATERS"!   arrilee Neal has seen the highs and lows of life and has succeeded at everything she has put her mind to at a very young age. Karrlee has been a victims of all types of abuse and has overcome many a  tough situation.  This lady is not a phony PHD with fake credentials.  This lady is real person, a real woman who has had to deal with real problems and can teach real solutions to real problems.   


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